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( CLICK ON THE PHOTOS TO VIEW ENLARGED SIZE ) Pastor Prabhudoss Vasu was born on May 25th 1942 in Rajahmundry Andhra Pradesh. He was the eldest son of Pastor John Vasu and Mrs.Kirubai Vasu , both outstanding Pentecostal Leaders of their generation. He was christened ' Prabhudoss Theodore Satyachoodan' which means the following : Prabhudoss-servant of God, Theodore-gift of God, Satyachoodan-bearer of the Truth.

Pastor Prabhudoss Vasu accepted the Lord as his personal Saviour at the age of eight in Sunday School. At 12 he was baptised in water and at 15 he received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. From his youth he took an active part in the ministry . He lost his parents at a very young age. He lost his father died when he was 20 and his mother when he was 24. He entered the ministry right after his father's homecall having just completed his Bachelors degree. He later did his theological studies at the International Bible Training Institute (IBTI) in England. He married Miss.Anusya Ruth on October 7th 1970 and they had three children Stanley (born 1971) , Pamela (born 1973) and Ernest (born 1982).

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Pastor Prabhudoss Vasu was a talented musician who could play the accordian , keyboard , guitar , violin etc. He travelled to many villages ,towns and cities , playing the accordian and preaching the gospel. His sermons have been composed as songs and recorded and produced in 14 volumes by MPA and are sung around the world by Tamil Christians.

At age 23 Pastor Prabhudoss Vasu was ordained as a Pastor and at 29 he became the Superintending Pastor of the Madras Pentecostal Assembly Mission.overseeing about 100 churches , 7 orphan homes , 2 schools etc, under his care . He was also Principal of the Madras Bible Institute and Editor of the Balm of Gilead magazine.He organized many miracle gospel crusades and pastors seminars which was attended by thousands of people.

Until his homecall Pastor Prabhudoss Vasu provided godly leadership to the MPA Mission seeing much growth and blessing upon the ministry. He was a man of great wisdom and deep understanding . His wise counsel and patient spirit has solved many a great in the ministry. He was a veteran of the Lord's army . Ih his home call the church had lost a great soldier.During his brief life span he was a spiritual father and a fountain of blessing to thousands of God's children all over the world.

Pastor Prabhudoss Vasu was one of the most widely respected Pentecostal Leaders in India. He took an active part in interdenominational ministries serving as Secretary to the Pentecostal Fellowship of India (PFI) , Vice-President of Pentecostal Press Association of India (PPAI) and President of Intermission Industrial Development Association(IIDA). Pastor Prabhudoss Vasu was a powerful preacher and a gifted teacher . His deep exposition of the word of God has won him acclaim throughout India and many parts of the world. Thousands have been blessed by his ministry of the Word.He was a soft spoken , friendly person with a ready smile for everyone and a good sense of humour when he was with his close friends. The simplicity and purity of his life was admired by one and all especially by fellow-ministers of all denominations.
Pastor Prabhudoss Vasu died on March 3rd 1995 at the age of 52 during the Annual Convention of the Madras Pentecostal Assembly Mission when thousands of beleivers and Pastors from all churches of MPA Mission had gathered. It was indeed a very intense time of sorrow and uncertainity as Pastor Prabhudoss Vasu , the Superintending Pastor of MPA Mission died while the Annual Convention was going on. Pastor Prabhudoss Vasu went to be with the Lord after an untiring ministry of 33 years. He left behind his wife. Mrs.Ruth Vasu and three children Stanley ( aged 23) ,Pamela (aged 21) and Ernest ( aged 12) at the time of his demise. Pastor Stanley Vasu is carrying on the ministry of MPA Mission. Pamela is married to Rev.Israel Jebaraj who is the director of Sharon Ministries and JTV and they have two children Joanna and Joshua . Ernest is married to Ramya Beulah and they have a baby daughter Darlene Kirstyn. He has completed his Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) and is serving the Lord in India Every Home Crusade. Mrs.Ruth Vasu is serving the Lord along with her children. Kindly remember the family and the ministry left behind by Pastor Prabhudoss Vasu in your prayers.