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PRABHUDOSS – Son of God, Servant of God.

THEODORE – God-Given, Gift of God

SATHYACHOODAN – Man of Truth, Integrity, Upright


P – PIOUS, PURE IN HEART AND MIND AND CHARACTER .PRAYERFUL, spent time in God’s PRESENCE. Very PATIENT, after he PATIENTLY endured he obtained the PROMISES of God. A PATIENT listener, will not quickly jump into conclusions. Haste makes waste, he did not do anything in a hurry. He waited PATIENTLY for God’s time. Very PUNCTUAL, on time everywhere and finished on time also. PROMPT in everything. He never POSTPONED his work. A man of great PRINCIPLES, a PATRON, a GREAT PIONEER, he pioneered many churches and projects. A wonderful PASTOR and Powerful PREACHER, who Preached in season and out of season. He PRACTISED what he PREACHED. Very POWERFUL man of God. God was his PORTION. He PROJECTED only GOD and not himself. He knew his PLACE in God and remained in his PLACE and POSITION, never overstepped. A PATHFINDER, PATHMAKER, Paved a way for everyone to follow God, very PRACTICAL PERSON. Had a POSITIVE approach in life. A great PLANNER, man of great ideas and plans. He allowed God to PROPOSE AND PLAN everything in his life. He fulfilled the PERFECT WILL OF GOD in his life. He PREACHED about 3 kinds of WILL OF GOD, Perfect, Permissive and Altered will of God. Very PROFESSIONAL, very POPULAR figure. Had PLEASING manners. Pleased God and man. A Gentleman to the core, very soft-spoken. He was never rude or harsh with his words to anyone at home or outside. He was not PARTIAL with anyone, whether, rich or poor, literate or illiterate, city or village, he treated everyone alike with love and respect. PLEASING GOD was his PRIORITY. He set his PRIORITIES right. He gave God the first PLACE in his life and in everything that he did. He was always PREPARED TO SPREAD THE GOSPEL, PREPARED TO MEET HIS GOD, PREPARED for anything God wanted him to do. And God in return PREPARED a table for him in the presence of his enemies, he Dwelt in GOD’S PRESENCE, that went before him and opened the doors and made the crooked straight. A great PEACE MAKER, brought about peace around him. Very PEACEFUL and calm. He was a PROBLEM – SOLVER. People came to him with problems to be solved. A PROVIDER, who PROVIDED for the needs of the family and ministry.A PROTECTOR of the family and ministry. He PROTECTED everything God gave into his hands. He lost nothing. PILLAR of strength and support to lean on, PROGRESSED in his life and ministry, Very PROMISING CHARACTER, man of great POTENTIAL, very gifted and talented. PLAYED various musical instruments like organ, keyboard, piano, guitar, violin, accordion, mouthorgan. He taught me to play the guitar and piano. God counted him faithful and PUT HIM in the ministry. He in turn PUT ON THE WHOLE ARMOUR OF GOD and PASSED all the tests in life. He was PASSIONATE about God and the Ministry. Served God with great love and vigor. He was a PARTAKER and not just a spectator in everyone’s joy and sorrow. God PROMOTED him from a PASTOR to the PRESIDENT of the organization. My dad was a PROMOTOR who PROMOTED the ministry and later was PROMOTED into glory. He PROVED himself and made full PROOF of his life and ministry. Most of the Sunday School students and Believers of MPA Churches are PIONEERS of various ministries. They are serving the Lord as Pastors and Evangelists. He was NEVER PROUD, he always said that he was growing unto PERFECTION. He was a great PROPHET, who had the word of knowledge about the future. All the PROMISES of God every year were Timely and True. He even PROPHECIED and foreknew about his passing away. He never made False or empty PROMISES, he was a man of his words. He was a PUBLISHER – of magazines, books, songs, music, etc. Like a POTTER he has also encouraged and shaped many young lives to become a useful vessel unto God. He was like a tree PLANTED by the rivers of water and BROUGHT forth his fruit in its season, his leaf also did not wither and whatsoever he did PROSPERED. He fulfilled the PLAN AND PURPOSE OF GOD in his life.He PERFECTLY completed the PART God gave him to do. His PERIOD of life and ministry was the GOLDEN PERIOD of MPA.

R - RIGHTEOUS man, never did any evil to others, never spoke evil of anybody. He was very clean and pure in his words, deeds and thoughts. He was NOT REVENGEFUL . He had a RIGHT LIVING and a RIGHT STANDING with God. A very RELIGIOUS person who Feared God all his life. He gave God the due REVERENCE, did not take Him for granted. He RESISTED the devil, and REJECTED the world and its pleasures and chose to serve God. He RESTED in God and waited patiently for him. He did not get tired and worn out in the ministry and give it up. God was his REFUGE. He constantly drew from the RESOURCES of God and RENEWED his mind and spirit. He REFRESHED himself waiting in God’s presence. He was ROOTED AND GROUNDED in FAITH. He did not REASON with God, but simply trusted and Obeyed Him. He was RATIONAL in his thoughts. His messages and counsel always brought about true REPENTANCE and change in the hearts of the people and made them RETURN to God. He was RESPECTFUL towards others and greatly RESPECTED and REVERED by others. He RECOGNIZED others and the gifts and talents in them. He REACHED out to people. He made ROOM for them to grow in the Lord and come up in life. He was always READY for God and His works. A voracious READER. He had READ the Bible several times. His life was like a living, walking and talking bible for me and others to READ. He was a very RELIABLE person, a man true to his words, very trustworthy. A very RESPONSIBLE Husband, Father and Pastor. He maintained a good, genuine, healthy RELATIONSHIP with everyone. He did the ministry of RECONCILIATION. HE WAS RECONCILED WITH God and with man. He was NOT REVENGEFUL by nature. He left it to God to take care.He was NOT RASH or hasty in his decisions. He RELISHED good food. He REWARDED people’s efforts. He was a REMARKABLE personality who created history. He always REJOICED IN THE LORD . He was a man of NO REGRETS. He always REMEMBERED God and His Goodness upon his life. He had a very sharp memory. He would REMEMBER the details of all the believers even in the branch churches. He REMAINED Steady and Same in his doctrine, no ups and downs in his walk with God. He was a RULER, a leader who RULED his household and flock in the fear of God. He ROSE to great heights from a very humble and simple beginning. He invested his life, time and money in the kingdom of God and God gave him great RETURNS. He sowed in tears and REAPED WITH JOY. He sowed bountifully and REAPED BOUNTIFULLY.He RETURNED back to God REJOICING bringing in the sheaves. Daddy RAN his RACE, Kept the Faith, Finished his course in the Track that God assigned for him. He always used to say RUN that you may OBTAIN in your own Track or you will be disqualified. God has now RECEIVED him into glory and REWARDED him with the Crown of glory, joy ,righteousness and LIFE. He will be REMEMBERED always by everyone.

A – ANOINTED by God, called to be an APOSTLE. very ABLE, a man of great ABILITIES. He always AIMED HIGH, ATTEMPTED GREAT things for the Lord and ACHIEVED his goal, he is an ACHIEVER. He ACCOMPOLISHED his God-Given tasks. An AUTHOR. Very AUTHENTIC , genuine and true person. Very AMIABLE, very AFFECTIONATE, loving, friendly and jovial with everyone. ALWAYS there for me. Always AVAILABLE for God and His will and His work. He was also AVAILABLE when needed. He was safely ANCHORED in the love and Grace of God, so he was able to withstand every storm and wind in his life. Very APPRECIATIVE. He will APPRECIATE and encourage and motive people. He ACCEPTED people as they are, never condemned anyone. He treated them with kindness. He always brought about an AMICABLE Solution or Settlement in every dispute. He will always have the right ANSWER. He will ANSWER very wisely. He was very ADJUSTING. He ADJUSTED to every situation in the village, city or foreign land. He treated everyone ALIKE. He experienced ABUNDANCE of God’s love, favor, peace, joy and blessings and the love of people. People of all age groups and different denominations loved him very much and were ATTRACTED towards him. He did not seek ADVERTISEMENT for his life and works .He positively AFFECTED and TOUCHED the lives of all the people whom he encountered with. He led a careful life knowing that he was ACCOUNTABLE to God. He led a life of ACCOUNTABILITY and AUTHENTICITY stood clean before God and man.

B – my dad was the BEST, the BEST daddy. whatever he did was the BEST no compromise in quality. Because he gave his BEST to God. The BEST of his time, money, life etc. He was a very BLESSED person. God BLESSED him in all the work of his hands. Everything he touched prospered. He was a CHANNEL OF BLESSING to others. Everywhere he went people were BLESSED by his ministry. His life and ministry BENEFITTED many. He always BLESSED GOD for all His BLESSINGS and BENEFITS and was ever grateful and thankful to him. He BELIEVED in his God for everything. He was very BRILLIANT. He Shined BRIGHTLY for the Glory of God. A staunch BELIEVER who turned many to become BELIEVERS of Christ. He BOASTED only about God and gloried in the cross. He never boasted about himself. He BORE the yoke when he was very young. He also BORE the BURDEN of others. He cared and loved others with the love of Christ that constrained him. He was a man of mighty BREAKTHROUGHS who WON all the BATTLES in life .He was a faithful BUDDY, very friendly person whom you can trust and rely on. He never BLAMED anyone or BETRAYED anyone in his life. He had a BIG HEART to accommodate and touch the lives of many. He was a loving BROTHER and BROTHER IN LAW. His loving, kind and gentle BEHAVIOUR stole the hearts of many.He BLOOMED AND BLOSSOMED wherever God planted him. Nothing could BEAT him down. He just encouraged himself in the Lord and BLEW AWAY all the blues and sadness from his life. He always BEGAN to do something for the Lord which no one ever did. He did not wait and waste time for someone to join him. Just Him and God .He BEGAN small but BECAME BIG. He was a great BUILDER, who BUILT the faith and lives of many and also BUILT churches and orphanages for the glory of God.

H – My HERO, who set an example for all to follow. Even the little children in church would imitate him at home and dream of becoming like him. He was a VESSEL OF HONOR, Chosen by God, Sanctified and Meet for the Master’s Use. Very HUMBLE person, with no airs or puffed up character. He HUMBLED himself in the mighty hands of God and that’s why God poured out His Grace and Love and exalted him in due season. He was not after men’s praise, glory, fame, titles or recognition. He only cared about what God witnessed about him. He was also a man after GOD’S OWN HEART. A very HONARABLE Pastor who was Obedient to the HEAVENLY VISION, and the HOLY and HIGH CALLING of Jesus Christ. He just HELD ON to God, His hands, His words and His Promises that never failed him or let him down all his life. He HOPED only in God and not in man for all his needs. He said men are like Postman who will bring and give us the money order only if someone sends it to us. So unless God gives we cannot receive anything, so no use hoping for man to give and getting disappointed. He was a very HONEST and Faithful HARDWORKER who strived for the extension of God’s kingdom and the expansion of this ministry, for which God made him the HEAD. God gave him a mighty HARVEST of souls. He was a very good , loving and responsible HUSBAND and HEAD of the Family and Ministry. He had HEALING gifts in operation. He had a very beautiful HANDWRITING. He had a great sense of HUMOR. He was always very HAPPY and Cheerful. He HANDLED matters and situation with great wisdom and care. He did NOT HURT anybody, only did good to them and HEALED their wounds. He was a Good Samaritan. He was very HOSPITABLE , he served good food in the convention and seminars. He did not have a hard heart. He had a FATHER’S HEART full of love and compassion. He DID NOT HARRASS his subordinates or people under him, but was very kind and gentle with them. He gave everybody due respect and freedom.

U – UNIQUE person in every way. He always chose the UNTRODDEN PATH. UPSTANDING never bent under any circumstance or allowed the devil to beat him down. God was the Glory and the Lifter of his head. Very UNDERSTANDING. He did not misunderstand anyone and cause confusion.He always looked UPWARD to God for everything in his life. He did not look up to man.He was UNSHAKEABLE and UNWAVERING in his Faith and Love in God.He only feared God , but was UNDAUNTED by any situation, giant, mountain or roaring lion that he faced.He was always UNDER THE CONTROL of the Almighty God.He did not do anything as he liked. He waited for God’s plan, purpose and time. He hid and covered himself UNDER THE SHADOW of the Almighty God so no evil could come near him.He was very UNSELFISH, did not just think about himself or hold anything for himself but spread his hands to others.He was very Generous giver.He was very UNITED and brought about a great UNITY among the churches and pastors.MPA was a centre point to all the Pentecostal people and Denominations. Everybody loved and Owned my Dad and his ministry.There is no true fellowship today in Chennai after him. He has also UNITED many broken families.He was indeed a very USEFUL VESSEL unto the Lord and the Body of Christ. He always had an UNANIMOUS vote.

D – My DADDY, DESIRED by everyone, loved and respected by all, very DEAR, DOWN TO EARTH person with no show offs.He was a man of utmost DEDICATION, with no changing of mind. A DECISION MAKER. Aman of DETERMINATION. DETERMINED to serve the Lord with NO DISTRACTIONS or DIVERSIONS or Turning back in his life. He put his hand to the plough and never looked or turned back. A man of DESTINY. God had great plans for his life.He had a DEEP RELATIONSHIP AND EXPERIENCE with God, not shallow.He was an ardent DISCIPLE of Jesus Christ, who went about MAKING Staunch DISCIPLES.He was DEEPLY ROOTED in the word of God. He was completely DEPENDANT ON GOD and HIS WORD.he was a DOER of the WORD and not just hearer only.He was obedient and submitted to the will of God in his life, no matter what. He always DID GOOD to others and not bad or evil and was not weary of DOING GOOD. He was NOT at all DEMANDING. He was very Independent, he did not depend on anyone to do his chores. He did his work independently very quietly. He did NOT DECEIVE or DISAPPOINT anybody.He always DREAMED BIG, because he believed in the greatness of our God who brought it to pass.He had a DIVINE VISION from God, a great Visionary and he strived towards its fulfillment.He DECREASED and God INCREASED in his life and so God gave him a great increase. He was NOT DISOBEDIENT to the Heavenly Vision. He DID NOT DELAY to obey God. He always said Delayed obedience is Disobedience.He maintained a Diary in which he wrote down DAILY all the the details of that day.He was a man of great DISCIPLINE. He lived a life of great order and DISCIPLINE. He was a man of sound DOCTRINE who lived according to his DOCTRINE till the end.He just did’t preach to others, but he lived what he preached.He would say its not just the beginning but the End that counts or matters, the Lord should be able to tell of us “ WELL DONE thou good and faithful servant “.s He always would say we are the living Bible which people can easily access, relate to and read and understand and follow. God had blessed him with the SPIRIT OF DISCERNING AND WORD OF WISDOM.He DEVELOPED his gifts and talents for the glory of God in the ministry God entrusted to him.He was very DILLGENT to know the state of his family and flocks and took good care of them.His only DESIRE was to be like Jesus and fulfill His will in his life.He DWELT in the presence and house of the Lord all his life.

O – Daddy was an OVERCOMER in his life. He became a complete ORPHAN very young, but he OVERCAME and Conquered every OBSTACLE in his life and won. He cared for the poor Orphans. He was ORDAINED by God to do ministry and ORDAIN OTHERS also to spread the gospel.He was an OVERSEER of nearly 100 churches. God set before him AN OPEN DOOR which no one could shut.He led an ORDINARY and simple life but did EXTRA ORDINARY things for God. He was very ORGANIZED in his life and with all his things. He kept everything in place neat and tidy. He was not clumsy. His song book will have the Key , Tempo, Rhythm and Time signature He was a great ORGANIZER. Of Seminars, Crusades, Convention, Meetings etc. A Great ORATOR and Preacher.He could Deliver his message in a very crystal clear manner, leading to conviction.He was ONE-MINDED with God . He had the Mind of Christ in him. God blessed him with OVERFLOWING EXPERIENCE.[FROM SMALL CHURCH TO Big church, 4 to 100 churches 1 to 5 orphanages. 1 to 2 schools etc.]He did not lack any good thing.He was a very OPEN and Straight forward person. There was no Deception or Hypocrisy. His life was an OPEN BOOK for everyone to read.He was OBEDIENT to the Heavenly Vision and the Cal of God in his life.He made good and effective use of all the God- given OPPORTUNITIES in his life.He in turn CREATED and GAVE a lot of Job and Ministry OPPORTUNITIES for others.He was an OPTIMIST who only saw the Bright side of things in life and the strong and positive qualities in others. He was not negative in life.The word impossible was not in his dictionary. He knew he could do all things through Christ who strengthened him. He OFFENDED NO ONE in his words or deed. His life and ministry was WITHOUT OFFENCE. He was also NOT OFFENDE in anyone. His ministry was not Competitive, but Complimentary. He fished out of the sea and not from another man’s basket. He enjoyed the fruit of his labour. He transcended the bartriers of denomination. Everyone attended MPA Convention and Seminars, CSI and Catholic people came and obeyed God in Water Baptism here. He was very ORIGINAL. He did not Copy or Imitate anybody. His Desire and Prayer was just to BE as what God wanted HIM to BE .He did not Compare himself with others and wanted to have or do what they had or did. He was a KEEN OBSERVER who silently OBSERVED and noticed everything. He OWED NOTHING to anybody. God was His Provider. He OVERLOOKED the flaws and mistakes of others. He was very compassionate and forgiving. He did not condemn anyone or despise them. He used the Rule of the Spirit. He DID NOT OPPRESS anybody, he was a kind and gentle OVERSEER. He knew his limits and NEVER OVERSTEPPED or OVERDO anything that did not belong to him. He led a very Decent and Respectable life. He knew that GOD was the OWNER of his life and ministry and he was Subject to Him and followed His Command to fulfill his destiny in life.

S – SAVED, SPIRIT- FILLED, filled with all the 9 gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit. Very SPIRITUAL, was only after SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS. He was only SEEKING GOD, KINGDOM OF GOD AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS, and so all things earthly blessings were added into his life. God was his constant SUPPLY. God SUPPLIED all his needs. He did not look to man but to God, for his daily bread and supply. He was very SIMPLE in his faith, lifestyle, food, clothing and walk with God. He was very STABLE and Consistent in his Walk with God. There was a STEADY GROWTH in his Spiritual life. He was very SILENT and cool. He enjoyed and tuned his ears to listen to the STILL SMALL VOICE OF GOD. SADHU Type very quiet and Composed. He was NOT SHORT TEMPERED. He will not lose his cool very easily or often. He was very STRONG IN THE LORD AND IN FAITH, Very STRICT in his principles. He STUDIED MATHS .He SOLVED PROBLEMS. He found a SOLUTION. He SIMPLIFIED complicated things. He believed SLOW AND STEADY will win the race.He was very SPECIAL to everyone in every way. He was a SOLO PERFORMER. He would play the keyboard, Sing, Kneel down Straight, Lead the Worship, and Stand and Preach and Pray for the people without getting tired.He was VERY STRONG in the Lord and in the power of His might. He did STREET PREACHING every Thursday evening. He was NOT SHAMEFUL OR SHY to PROCLAIM the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He led a very SACRIFICIAL life. He was a man of good SELF CONTROL in his life. He will not flare up. He was SWIFT TOP HEAR, SLOW TO SPEAK AND SLOW TO WRATH. He was very SATISFIED with the life and blessings that God gave him. He had the SPIRIT OF CONTENTMENT. He was not greedy. He had Godliness with Contentment and that was his gain. He SPENT QUALITY TIME with God and his family and flock. He was a great SUPPORT – morally and financially to many. He was our great STRENGTH but God was his STRENGTH. He STUDIED very good. He was a very good STUDENT and a Bible SCHOLAR. He was SUBJECT to the Authority of God, his Parents and Elders. He provided SHELTER and SUPPORT to many orphans and widows.

S – SOUL WINNER, SERVED GOD IN SINCERITY and in TRUTH. He was very SERVICE MINDED not commercial or money minded. He did a lot of SOCIAL WORK and did good to the society. He Suffered for the sake of the gospel but counted it all joy. God always turned his sorrow into joy. He SPENT his life and money for the extension of God’s kingdom. He did not spend much on himself. He was a very Good, Great and Chief Shepherd. He was the SUPERINTENDING PASTOR of MPA. He SHOWED us the right way and led us in the right path. He SET AN EXAMPLE for us to follow. He was VERY SUCCESSFUL in his ministry. His messages and song had a tremendous reach through out the world. He SUCCEEDED in all his endeavours, none of his efforts were in vain. God Blessed him abundantly. He STARTED many things. He STRETCHED OUT and expanded the ministry. He studied Bible College in IBTI England. He had a Bible Seminary Madras Bible Institute in which he trained and equipped young people to serve God. He was a STRONG LEADER. He had a very SOUND MIND, clarity in his thoughts and actions. He had a very STRONG FOUNDATION. He was filled with the SPIRIT of God. Nothing could SEPARATE him from the LOVE OF GOD. He had the SURE MERCIES of God. He was a FAITHFUL STEWARD. AND SERVANT OF GOD .

Surely Goodness and Mercy followed him all the days of his life.


He lived a life true to the Call of God and True to his name.



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