Sunday, August 17, 2014


The M.P.A Ministries began as a small Sunday School in 1918. It soon grew into a church and thus was formed the Madras Pentecostal Assembly which was registered on August 17th 1934 and completes 80 years in 2014 .

The M.P.A ministries has over the past 80 years been involved in multi-faceted ministries comprising of churches , orphan homes , schools , bible school , magazines , seminars , village evangelism , gospel crusades , film ministry , music tapes , bible correspondence courses etc

It is pertinent to note that the Madras Pentecostal Assembly was the first pentecostal church in Chennai . MPA also published one of the first pentecostal magazines in India in 1938 called the 'Balm of Gilead' and started one of the first pentecostal bible schools in India in 1950 called the 'Madras Bible Institute'.

We are deeply grateful to the Lord for upholding our ministry for the past 80 years. The Lord is faithful to His promises and has been our rock and foundation. We also remember with gratitude our founders and all those who have laboured before us . We also thank God all those who have supported our ministry with their prayers and resources.

We praise God for all the souls that have been saved and delivered during the past 80 years. We thank God for all the churches that have been planted , all the pastors who have been trained and released into the ministry , all the orphans who have been cared for , all the students who have been educated , all the songs that have been composed , all the people who have watch the gospel films , all those who have studied the bible correspondence courses , all those who have heard the gospel through the various outreach ministries during the past 80 years.

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