Sunday, August 17, 2014


In 1918 Pastor Jacob took a house in Halls Garden at Royapettah for a month rent of 50 paise and started a ministry among the children. His deep love for children; the simplicity of his life; his gentleness towards everyone earned him the title of “India’s George Muller”, Bro. Jacob was essentially a man of prayer and as a result the ministry of Halls Garden grew steadily and to accommodate the growing number of souls that had started coming it was shifted to a larger house in the next street and a church was started under the name of “Pentecostal Meeting Hall”. That was in 1923.

A very significant thing happened in 1926 where Bro. John Vasu a staunch Hindu by birth had conviction was saved and converted by the grace of the Lord. He joined himself with Pastor Jacob and together both of them started the ministry in many parts of the city according to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Jacob was indeed a man of God with a burden for perishing souls. He resigned his job in order that he might be able to serve the Lord with all his heart and got involved in the ministry with a deep commitment; he was essentially a man of prayer and his prayer proved to be a great blessing to a lot of people. He was one who could bring down the presence of God thru prayer in almost every service and no one left the serving without being moved by the power of God and the strangers who attended the service got saved .

Pastor. John Vasu, co-founder of the mission was an effective and eloquent speaker who was used to turn the hearts of many of the Lord Jesus Christ. He always preached the word under the anointing of the spirit of God, Pastor John Vasu was a powerful preacher and Pastor Jacob was a great prayer warrior and they complemented each other and together they built up the work of God effectively.

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